It will soon be 2020, the turn of a new decade. This also marks our 10th year in Stockholm. Yes, come July 2020, we have been away for 10 years.

Whilst the intention to start this blog is to keep in touch with our love ones back in Singapore, I must say that I have not been maintaining it very well. My posts are very random and to be honest, the blog has never been my priority. Through the course of the 10 years, life has indeed taken over everything. With a full time job, countless chores at home for Nicke and myself, the blog is least on my mind and so badly neglected.

I don’t understand why i don’t maintain it as when I do work on it, I really enjoy posting our thoughts and pictures. We experienced so much in the past 10 years, been to so many places we never dreamed of, our lives have been filled with so much laughter, joy, as well as fear and tears. I am grateful for the comments from my dearest family and Fab 8 friends who still read the blog whenever there are new posts and leave wonderful words of encouragement. Thank you so much. I am grateful for your kindness. I have been writing this blog for ourselves and not expecting readers.

In the recent years, I started to think of the blog as our own personal journal of our lives in Stockholm. I am shy on Facebook and Instagram and so this will be ‘MyBook’ or ‘Minstagram’. I want the blog to record the children’s growth and serve as a reminder of our lives in Stockholm…the good, the bad, the trials and challenges. I must work hard to maintain the records as many years from now, we can look back fondly (or maybe not so fondly) of the way we were.

So my dear blog, I hope i will do a better job in 20s. I will post like no one is reading.

Wish me luck.