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The Walls invade Sweden

the blogg is about stuff that the wall family does in Sweden

Jon’s Birthday Buffet

home Posted on Sun, October 27, 2019 18:54

Jon personally selected his special buffet for his birthday feast. The family members were treated to his favourite food which includes

Hot dogs
Nacho chips
Grill chips
Viking chips
Bacon snacks
Reese peanut butter
3 kinds of tutti fruit candy
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate cake
Fanta blue
Fanta orange

He was happy with his party.

Happy Birthday Jonathan

home Posted on Sun, October 27, 2019 05:53

I cannot believe that Jon turns 14 today. It really seems like yesterday, we delivered our little Jon Jon.

Jonathan, as a teenager can be playful, angry and funny sometimes. But he is still the sweet and kind boy we have always known.

My wish for his birthday is that he achieve his fullest potential and always be contented

Happy birthday Jon and may all your sweet dreams come true.