Dearest Linn,

Happy Birthday to you and congratulations on your 10th birthday. It is an extremely special day as you celebrate this birthday with Grandma who turned 80 just 3 days ago and your aunt, my sister, Pau Ping who is celebrating her birthday in just 3 days.

And you are celebrating in the country where you are born Linn … in Singapore, just one day before the country celebrates its 52th National day.

I hope you are enjoying the visit to Singapore and enjoying the time catching up with our family. Every time we come back, we feel like tourists as the city is changing so quickly. This time,we spent 2 full days in Sentosa visiting the Waterpark, the SEA aquarium and not forgetting catching up with the food…and you have been most adventurous trying different food.

Whilst it is difficult for Jon to understand the importance of being back in Singapore, i hope that you will enjoy the visit and appreciate our Singapore culture and the family we miss dearly when we are in Stockholm.

My dear Linn, we love you so much and hope that you will continue to enjoy what you do, continue being inquisitive, don’t ever give up and be proud of who you are. You are truly amazing.