The Walls would like to thank everyone in our lives for their love, friendship, help and support in 2016.

It has been quite a year. There were difficult times as well as great happiness largely with the family. These are my personal highlights in 2016.

* Jonathan having his own key to enter the house. This was a huge step for us as it was a milestone for Jonathan. Sure, his path has not been easy and I still get very affected with the new unusual patterns I see emerging from time to time. I feel helpless and despair with my weakness to help him. But in many ways, we are proud of him.

* Nichlas taking the courage to leave his job to pursue new challenges. He has been holding back for too long.

* our family vacations… the Italian summer holiday is my number 1 trip this year.

* Linn’s development in general has been challenging as it is tough for a strong willed child to understand respect, perseverance and determination. Despite the tears and frustrations, she brings us great joy and laughter with her bubbly character. She made great progress in maths and piano which we are proud of. She also went on a scouts camp for 4 days in Gotland.

* I made a trip to Hong Kong to meet Yen Tang, Pei Yao and Ki-en and my mom in December just to spend quality time together. Sure it was crazy to take a long haul flight just to spend 3 days together but it is 3 great days of just hanging out together with no agenda other than catching up. I really enjoyed myself.

* it was always nice to be back home in Singapore in June but it is not home without Jon.

* for the numerous blessings from our family members and support of our friends far and near.

* I am proud of my nephews, Juwin completing his A’ levels, Ki-en doing well in his PSLE and the wonder twins, Evan and Kyle starting primary one.

It has been quite a year. I wish 2017 a happy one filled with love, peace, good health and joy for everyone.