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The Walls invade Sweden

the blogg is about stuff that the wall family does in Sweden

Happy Father’s Day

Uncategorised Posted on Sun, November 10, 2019 10:59

Nicke’s kind of Father’s Day…playing arcade games with Linn

Jon’s Birthday Buffet

home Posted on Sun, October 27, 2019 18:54

Jon personally selected his special buffet for his birthday feast. The family members were treated to his favourite food which includes

Hot dogs
Nacho chips
Grill chips
Viking chips
Bacon snacks
Reese peanut butter
3 kinds of tutti fruit candy
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate cake
Fanta blue
Fanta orange

He was happy with his party.

Happy Birthday Jonathan

home Posted on Sun, October 27, 2019 05:53

I cannot believe that Jon turns 14 today. It really seems like yesterday, we delivered our little Jon Jon.

Jonathan, as a teenager can be playful, angry and funny sometimes. But he is still the sweet and kind boy we have always known.

My wish for his birthday is that he achieve his fullest potential and always be contented

Happy birthday Jon and may all your sweet dreams come true.

Summer memories

home Posted on Thu, October 24, 2019 15:47

As we are almost coming close to mid Autumn and with the cold dark winter approaching us, we canot help but think of the wonderful summer we had this year.

It was indeed a great nice summer with great weather and nice temperature.

It was also special as the Cundys came to visit and Oh Dear, they did not see any deers when they visited us. They have to come back in this case. It was wonderful that they came to visit. Thank you Cundys.

Nichlas and the kids had a beautiful vacation in Maderia swimming with dolphins and all kinds of sea adventures.

Jon, Linn and I also had wonderful vacation in Singapore where we ate, spent great days with our beloved family and friends.

Summer 2019 was indeed special and now, we just have to snuggle up for the winter.

Happy Birthday Linn

home Posted on Thu, August 08, 2019 02:25

Dearest Linn

You are 12 today and I cannot imagine how my baby has grown. You are truly beautiful and special in your own way.

My birthday wish for you is for you to be always happy, cheerful and confident. Do fulfill all your dreams and creative ideas. I know you can make it if you put your mind and effort to it.

I hope you are enjoying your stay in Singapore and are having fun. Loads of hugs and kisses…

I Love you so very much,

Winter Fun

home Posted on Sun, May 05, 2019 06:41

Spring is finally coming and soon we have summer, what better way way to celebrate than to showcase some of the winter fun we have had…..
– ice climbing
– dog sledding


home Posted on Tue, December 11, 2018 15:19

mountain hike

home Posted on Tue, December 11, 2018 15:13

Jonathan is a teenager

home Posted on Sat, October 27, 2018 09:22

Jonathan turns 13 today and he is now an official teenager. He will soon be taller than mom.

The family is also travelling to Tuscany today and will be eating a lot of 🍕 for the week. Jon’s favourite food.

Have a great birthday Jonathan.

Happy Birthday Linn

home Posted on Wed, August 08, 2018 07:54

Our dearest Linn,

Congratulations on your 11th birthday and we hope that all your wishes will come true.

It has been quite a year for you. We are so proud of you as you transitioned to a new school and had a great Year 4. We know it was not easy to leave all your friends behind and start a new school term with unfamiliar faces, in an international environment and changing the primary language from Swedish to English. But you did it in your usual style and you are taking it in your own stride. You worked hard to earn all the grades and merits. We are most happy to share your achievements and watch you grow.

You even started a new sport, skateboarding which is something that you seem to enjoy physically and socially. Keep going at it Linn and we hope you enjoy the thrills and the moves you are exploring.

It is not easy growing up, specially for making decisions. It is alot easier for grown-ups with experiences as we learn from our past decisions. Sometimes, we want to steer you to make the right decisions without realising that you need to learn for your self. Whatever it is Linn, we are here for you always.

You also had great adventures, climbing glaciers,scout camps, Harry Potter London trip and also the recent Singapore/Penang trip. We hope that you will have loads of fond memories of these trips as much as we enjoyed these with you.

So have a great birthday, our little princess. You will always be our very special princess.

Love you,

Happy Birthday Jonathan

home Posted on Fri, October 27, 2017 14:10

Happy Birthday Jonathan. I hope you like the gifts.

I love you Jon

home Posted on Thu, October 26, 2017 22:37

Dear Jonathan

You are growing so fast and tomorrow you will be 12 years old. I have been watching you over the past few months, watching you mature into a teenager.

I know I don’t say it enough but I love you. Despite my inability to understand you and your toys, you always are sensitive to my needs. You always will sense my unhappiness and will try to cheer me up. Thank you my dear son.

On your birthday, I wish you great joy and may you always find happiness in whatever you do.

And I hope you will get all the toys you want.

Love you,

For my beautiful birthday girl, Linn

home Posted on Tue, August 08, 2017 09:15

Dearest Linn,

Happy Birthday to you and congratulations on your 10th birthday. It is an extremely special day as you celebrate this birthday with Grandma who turned 80 just 3 days ago and your aunt, my sister, Pau Ping who is celebrating her birthday in just 3 days.

And you are celebrating in the country where you are born Linn … in Singapore, just one day before the country celebrates its 52th National day.

I hope you are enjoying the visit to Singapore and enjoying the time catching up with our family. Every time we come back, we feel like tourists as the city is changing so quickly. This time,we spent 2 full days in Sentosa visiting the Waterpark, the SEA aquarium and not forgetting catching up with the food…and you have been most adventurous trying different food.

Whilst it is difficult for Jon to understand the importance of being back in Singapore, i hope that you will enjoy the visit and appreciate our Singapore culture and the family we miss dearly when we are in Stockholm.

My dear Linn, we love you so much and hope that you will continue to enjoy what you do, continue being inquisitive, don’t ever give up and be proud of who you are. You are truly amazing.


Happy New Year 2017

home Posted on Sat, December 31, 2016 15:12

The Walls would like to thank everyone in our lives for their love, friendship, help and support in 2016.

It has been quite a year. There were difficult times as well as great happiness largely with the family. These are my personal highlights in 2016.

* Jonathan having his own key to enter the house. This was a huge step for us as it was a milestone for Jonathan. Sure, his path has not been easy and I still get very affected with the new unusual patterns I see emerging from time to time. I feel helpless and despair with my weakness to help him. But in many ways, we are proud of him.

* Nichlas taking the courage to leave his job to pursue new challenges. He has been holding back for too long.

* our family vacations… the Italian summer holiday is my number 1 trip this year.

* Linn’s development in general has been challenging as it is tough for a strong willed child to understand respect, perseverance and determination. Despite the tears and frustrations, she brings us great joy and laughter with her bubbly character. She made great progress in maths and piano which we are proud of. She also went on a scouts camp for 4 days in Gotland.

* I made a trip to Hong Kong to meet Yen Tang, Pei Yao and Ki-en and my mom in December just to spend quality time together. Sure it was crazy to take a long haul flight just to spend 3 days together but it is 3 great days of just hanging out together with no agenda other than catching up. I really enjoyed myself.

* it was always nice to be back home in Singapore in June but it is not home without Jon.

* for the numerous blessings from our family members and support of our friends far and near.

* I am proud of my nephews, Juwin completing his A’ levels, Ki-en doing well in his PSLE and the wonder twins, Evan and Kyle starting primary one.

It has been quite a year. I wish 2017 a happy one filled with love, peace, good health and joy for everyone.

Roman Holiday

home Posted on Sun, November 06, 2016 17:40

Dear Linn

This is our first holiday without you and Pappa and I felt that you cannot handle the long distance walks. It was hostlov and we really wanted to go somewhere before it gets too cold.

The last time we went to Milan, you were complaining most of the time. This time, we walked alot more and we visited beautiful places that Mummy has never seen. We really thought Rome is really fantastic. Our hotel was right in the city central at the shopping district. Mummy was so tempted but resisted buying so many items.

The food was incredible and we ate too many pastas, paninis, and pizza. It was really nice.

Here are some pictures of what you missed.

But we are sure that Farmor took care of you well. We are most grateful to her for looking after you.

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