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The Walls invade Sweden

the blogg is about stuff that the wall family does in Sweden

Happy Birthday Jonathan

letters Posted on Thu, October 27, 2011 09:21

My dearest Jonathan,

Happy Birthday Jonathan! You are six today and I felt like it was just minutes ago when I held you in my hands for the very first time six years ago.

You are growing so fast and I am so proud of you. I hope you have enjoyed all the birthday celebrations and your pirates party.

My wish for you for your birthday is that mummy can help you to fulfill your dreams and that you will always be happy.

I love you Jonathan. I may not be able to show you often enough as you probably only hear me giving you instructions. But you are truly special in my heart.

Kiss and big hug,

Dear Mummy….

letters Posted on Fri, July 29, 2011 21:31

Based on recent conversations between Linn and I, in her tone and manner.

Dear Mummy

You know you said I am naughty and I don’t listen to you. But I listened mummy. I just cannot remember. But you know Mummy, you are alittle like me, you do not listen to me too. Naughty mummy, naughty mummy. I tell you again and again that I don’t want my toys like this. But why you do that?

I am a big girl now and I can do many things myself. I do not need you to brush my teeth, shower, go with me to the toilet, pour milk and cornflakes for me for breakfast. I want to do myself. I know you get very angry when i spill milk and water all the time on the table but it’s ok mummy. Don’t worry.

You know Mummy, you ask me to choose between a Princess party or Hello Kitty party for my birthday next week. But why I cannot have a Hello Kitty Princess party? I want 2! I don’t want to choose.

and Mummy, i really want a puppy like Bawser next door. I don’t understand why you asked me who is going to look after the puppy when we go on holidays. But YOU are mummy. You can do it mummy.

Tomorrow Mummy is Saturday. I like Saturday because I get lots of candy. Can I see the candy before you give to Jonathan and me? I want to count the candy. Maybe you can give the candy to me first and I share with Jonathan?

You know, I like it very much that you read to me every night. I don’t think 4 stories is a lot. But I also want you to sleep with me because I am scared of the monsters that will look for me when I sleep. So, you must protect me. You cannot go to Jonathan because I will cry.

I know Mummy you are tired. You can go to sleep now but you have to pat me first to sleep. On my bum bum please? Thank you.

I love you mummy!

I miss Singapore Mummy!

letters Posted on Tue, November 30, 2010 20:00

Dear Linn

I know you really miss Singapore and you have been constantly telling me that you want to go back to the house in Singapore. It has not be easy for you but Mummy is really proud of your Swedish. Your teacher in school told me that the kids did not want to play with you initially because they coudn’t understand you. But now, they want to play with you because you can talk to them in Swedish.

It is very clear to be that you don’t like the cold and you rather wear your sundresses instead of these long sleeves t-shirts and long pants all the time. You don’t understand why it is so cold and you have to wear 3 layers of clothing everyday to school. Even mummy find it difficult with the -15 degrees temperature. Today, when your teacher told me that your skin is starting to react to the cold. I see your skin is turning red and starting to crack. I know it is really painful because mummy has the same problem too. But please bear with it Linn Linn. It will get better once we get used to this.

We are going to meet grandma and your two aunts in London next week. You will get to see your cousins Juwin and Ki-en. That may cheer you up. Hopefully.

Big Kiss and Hug,

P.S. : By the way …I don’t really like Dora’s everyday outfit. Pink t-shirt with orange shorts is not a good combination. You should really try to avoid that. 🙂

My Favourite Little Boy

letters Posted on Thu, November 25, 2010 20:10

Dear Jon

I know you are really into Lego and Star Wars toys these days but really, mummy cannot print money and cannot keep buying new toys for you all the time. You make it sound so simple when you say ‘Mummy, you have to buy it!”. It’s not like I have a money growing tree in our backyard you know.

It is nice to see you playing with the lego toys but really painful when I see that the ‘structure’ last only for 2 hours. Seriously, I really don’t think Mummy is capable of reconstructing the Harry Potter Lego and Star Wars structure that Papa bought for you just a few weeks ago.

Yes, I see the list of toys that you have prepared for Santa. And yes, I know you want that Red Robot which you remind me 10 times a day. Let’s see if Santa Claus is feeling generous this year.

I Love you so much,